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    Shoes and clogs for professionals

    Our range of professional footwear covers the needs of all those professionals who stand for many hours. They offer quality and comfort so that long working hours do not result in tiredness and fatigue for our feet, legs and back. Our models of footwear and professional clogs are perfect for many sectors, among which we find: doctors, nurses, dentists, beauticians, hairdressers, cooks, chefs, waiters and a long etcetera. For professionals we have soles with design and with non-slip and antistatic position.

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    As in our entire range of footwear, the professional models are made with the best natural materials, which gives them great robustness. We use natural leather of bovine origin, which provides an unmistakable touch and warmth. In addition, our characteristic patented cork insole is designed so that the foot maintains its correct position at all times. This allows the weight to be distributed evenly, protecting the joints. The Dippner insole is the key that allows professionals to stand for many hours without overloading the muscles of the legs and back.

    To know what your perfect size is, you can consult our size guide depending on the length of the foot.

    Our range of sanitary footwear, footwear for hairdressers and footwear for hospitality offers maximum comfort and durability, without sacrificing the unmistakable style of Dippner. Our timeless designs allow professionals not to give up on fashion at work. The great variety of colors and textures, such as flower leather and nobuk leather, make your Dippners combine perfectly with any outfit.

    Professional footwear is also available in a “vegan” option in which we use high quality textile microfibers that offer breathability and permeability similar to natural leather.

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