Comfortable unisex shoes available in two materials

Dippner offers a range of comfortable flat shoes characterized by their quality and natural materials.
Dippner shoes are the ideal complement for any outfit. They are perfect in summer if you wear them with shorts, skirts or trousers. During this time of the year, you can wear our shoes without socks and enjoy the soft touch of natural leather. They are also a must in spring and autumn, when you can wear them with jeans or more formal trousers. In winter, Dippner shoes are perfect to work, travel and discover many places walking for long hours feeling the unmistakable Dippner confort.

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Dippner shoes are characterized by their versatility and confort. The match with any style, giving you a personal and distinguished look. All our shoes have no lining, making them more natural and robust.
Moreover, as all our shoes, they share the Dippner cork footbed. Cork is a natural and renewable material with excellent insulation and cushioning characteristics. Our exclusive footbed is the result of many studies and researches looking for top quality and confort. Its design has been carefully though to distribute our body weight uniformly, protecting our joints, ligaments and back.
All our shoes are made of natural bovine leather. This leather is extraordinarily thick, of about 3 millimeters, what makes our shoes really long-lasting and protects our feet.
Our sole is made of natural rubber, contributing to an extra confort thanks to its water repellency, cushioning and thermal insulation characteristics.

The perfect fastening is guaranteed thanks to buckles, laces or elastic bands, depending on each model.
It is also very important to choose your perfect size. On our anatomic footbed it is essential to leave some free millimeters between your toes and your heel and the end of the footbed. This space will permit the natural feet movement while walking, providing an excellent confort. You can see our “Size guide” to assure that you choose the size that fits you the best according to your feet length.
In short, all Dippner shoes have an unique and timeless design, that together with natural materials, make our shoes absolutely confortable, perfect for any occasion.

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