Utilities for this footwear

  • In this article we would like to explain the difference between our two types of leather: full grain leather and nobuk leather. Before we start, we have to say that all types of leather we use are bovine, top quality and with an unusual thickness......

Comfortable clogs for any time of the year

Dippner clogs, with an incredible history of more than 90 years, are considered the masterpiece of our brand.
In the past, they were only used to work. But, nowadays, thanks to the wide range of colors and textures available, they have become an incredible must, characterized by their confort, style and robustness.
They match perfectly with any outfit, making them chic and casual. They are also perfect for any time of the year, as wearing them with socks during the coldest days is the last trend.
In summer, on the other hand, you can enjoy the soft and pleasant feeling of the natural leather, wearing them without socks.

Our anatomic and exclusive footbed makes Dippner clogs really confortable. This footbed is made of cork and jute, both of them natural materials with excellent attributes.
Thanks to this footbed, our body weight is distributed correctly, protecting tendons, joints, ligaments and our back.
To make the sole, natural rubber is only used, so our clogs are a complete natural product in which only natural and sustainable materials are utilized.
Using only top quality materials makes our clogs really robust and long-lasting, being common among our clients to use each pair of clogs for more than five years.

What is more, thanks to the buckles, we can assure that your clogs fit you perfectly even to stand for long ours or to walk long distances. These buckles also make it easy to both put in and take off your clogs.
Lastly, Dippner clogs are also used as confortable and anatomic slippers at home. They offer a fresh look and considering the great amount of hours that we spend at home doing different tasks, they are indispensable to take care of our feet, ligaments and back.

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